A magnificent building based in Uxbridge. Hillingdon House has a long history that stretches back to the year 1717. Now Hillingdon House has been refurbished inside and out and is now a stunning events venue fully licensed for civil marriage ceremonies by Hillingdon Council. Who wouldn’t want to get married in such a gorgeous place?

TIMELINE 1717-2021

Let’s take a journey into the past…

Year 1717

Original house was built

The original house was built in 1717 as a hunting lodge for the Duke of Schomberg. It was destroyed by fire and the present house was built in its place in 1844.

Year 1915

Became a Military Hospital

The British Government purchased Hillingdon House in 1915 and it became a military hospital

Year 1917

Royal Air Force

What would become the Royal Air Force station RAF Uxbridge was established within the grounds.

Year 1944

WW1 Military Use

Hillingdon House has had a variety of military uses including being a convalescent home in WWI and HQ Advanced Allied Expeditionary Air Force for planning tactical air ops during D-Day & Op Overlord.

Year 1944

The King And Queen Visit

The King and Queen shake hands before clambering inside a car, then wave regally while soldiers cheer and a man runs into the road behind them to take a picture of the departing vehicle. Watch Full Video.

Year 1984

Grade II listed

During the final years of military ownership, Hillingdon House was occupied by the Service Prosecuting Authority and the Civil Aviation Authority's Air Proximity Board. The house was Grade II listed on 5 June 1984.

Year 2010


RAF Uxbridge closed as part of a rationalisation of Ministry of Defence facilities in Greater London. Under redevelopment plans approved by Hillingdon Council in January 2011, the house will be converted to include a restaurant.

Present 2020

Refurbishment by Abshar

To the present day. Thanks to Abshar this magnificent war monument was refurbished and brought back to life! It is now used as a luxury banqueting hall, hosting events, wedding ceremonies and elite parties.


Hillingdon is home to beautiful old village squares, high streets and war memorials from before we were swallowed up by London. Hillingdon House is in the heart of all of this with its architecturally grand facade overlooking the beautiful Dowding Park.

With this stunning venue & background we assure you this will be one of the most popular places to get married in 2021.